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XLVIII ESS Kalevi Suvejooks



Saturday, July 15, 2023

 14:00 Start of races

 14:00-16:00 Starts for the String and Support Course, as well as the Open Course

 14:00-16:00 The Mini Course is open

Sunday, July 16, 2023

 11:00 Start of races

 11:00-13:00 Starts for the String and Support Course, as well as the Open Course

 11:00-13:00 The Mini Course is open

AWARD CEREMONY: The awards for the ESS Kalev Suvejooks will take place on the 2nd day based on the cumulative results of the two days.

OPEN COURSES: For non-registered participants, there is a 5-6km trail orienteering course. Registration for the open course takes place at the information tent located in the competition center. Entry fee is €12. Each participant in the open course will receive a bib number at the information tent. Open course participants will be sent to the course from the Vichy start. The starting time is recorded by the participant at the starting station (similar to orienteering events).

FIRST AID: Medical personnel are available at the Childrens play tent to assist those in need.

FINISH: Finishing time is recorded by making a mark at the finish line. The SI card data is read at the finish area. On their final competition day, participants must return the rented SI card immediately after the results are read. Participants are responsible for correctly registering their SI card.

INFORMATION TENT: The information tent is located in the competition center. The information tent is open from 12:30 on the first day and from 10:00 on the second day. Cash payments for entry fees can be made at the information tent, as well as registration for the open course. Changes to SI stick numbers can also be reported there. Additionally, the tent provides a cloakroom, car key storage, and a lost and found area.

DRINK STATIONS ON THE COURSE: There are drink stations in the forest that most of the courses pass by on both days.

RETIREMENT: Participants who retire from the race must immediately inform the finish judge upon arriving at the competition center.

TIME LIMIT: The time limit is 3 hours on both days, and 2 hours for the open course.

CHILDREN'S PLAY TENT: There is a play tent in the competition center where children can spend time while their parents are in the forest. The tent also marks the start and finish of the mini course and provides first aid.

LEGENDS: Legends are printed on the map. Additional legends (only on the first day) and tape are available at the start, but tape assistance is not guaranteed. Legends are located outside the start area. Only control point numbers are printed on the map!

TERRAIN AND MAP: Scale 1:10,000, except for MN8NR, MN10NR – 1:5000. Contour interval 5 m. The maps are printed on waterproof paper using the offset method. The maps are not in plastic bags. If you want to put the map in a waterproof bag, please bring a suitable-sized bag with you.

PUNCHING RULES: The electronic punching system SportIdent (SI) is used. All versions of SI cards, including SI-Air, can be used. SI-Air is active during the competition. To register a control point, insert the SI card into the station or place it near the station opening and wait for the light and/or sound signal. If an SI card is lost, the result will be canceled.

PARKING: Parking is available in the open area of the competition center. Please follow the instructions of the parking officials. Parking fee is €1/day, so please have exact change if possible. There is not much parking space, so if possible, please arrive in shared cars. If there is no extra room in the parking lot you will be guided to a parking lot what is 400m away.

WASHING: There are no washing facilities in the competition center.

SI STICK RENTAL: SI sticks can be obtained from the information tent and must be returned at the finish on the second day.

BIB NUMBERS: Bib numbers are available in the competition center. Participants in the open courses can get bib numbers from the information tent. The bib number will be different for each day of the open course! Wearing the bib number is mandatory. Please bring your own safety pins to attach the bib number.

In addition to the number, the participant's name, competition class, first-day starting time, and distances to the starts are printed on the bib.

SPORTS EQUIPMENT SALES: There are sales stands for OÜ Skvaier and T-Style OÜ in the competition center.


Day 1 - Individual start

  • You can start on the String and Support Course at any time between 14:00 and 16:00.
  • The start interval is 2 minutes for all other classes.
  • Enter the start area 2 minutes before the actual start time.
  • Judges will check the SI number and bib number for accuracy.
  • The start takes place next to the bucket of maps. Participants are responsible for taking the correct map.
  • Additional legends and confirmation materials are available near the start area, but tape assistance is not guaranteed.



Day 2 - Interval start

  • In classes MN8NR, MN10NR, and MN10TR, there is an individual start. The start organization is similar to Day 1. The start is open from 11:00 to 13:00.
  • In all other classes, there is an interval start. The best participant in each class starts first, followed by the others according to their time difference from the first day. Participants who lost more than 30 minutes on the first day without a result will be sent to the course with a 2-minute interval.
  • On the second day, there is a dispersion, so no additional legends are provided. The relevant information is indicated on the edge of the map.
  • Enter the start corridor 3 minutes before the start time, one minute at a time. Please do not change the queue in the start corridor.
  • The start is given according to the ticking start clock on the computer monitor. The start is indicated by 1 beep (there are no pre-beeps).
  • The start takes place from the start line. Participants take the map with their class's identifying number from the map bucket (or from the start table under the guidance of the official) during their race time. Participants are responsible for taking the correct map.
  • The start time for the interval start is calculated as follows: The first participant starts at the class's start time + minutes from the previous day (without tenths) and seconds. For example, if the winner's time on the first day was 00:45:32 and the class start time is indicated as 10:25:00, their actual start time would be 10:30:32. Calculation: 10:25:00 + 00:05:32 Each subsequent participant from the same class starts their race according to their time loss from the leader. Participants in other classes start with 2-minute intervals after the interval starters. The start list for the second day will be posted on the event website and in the competition center immediately after its completion.

CAMPING: Camping is allowed in the competition center. NOTE! Open fires are prohibited.

CATERING: Outdoor catering is available during the competition in the competition center. Food and drinks are provided by Rahva Võit!

TOILETS: Toilets are available in the competition Center.

RESULTS: Each participant will receive a results sheet with their finish and split times upon leaving the finish area. Current results will be displayed on the screen in the competition center. Online results will be available on the event website during the competition. The protocols will also be published there.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: ESS Kalev Summer Run website at and at the information tent during the competition.

COMPETITION CENTER: The competition center is accessible via Rakvere - Rannapungerja road. The coordinates of the competition center are 59°16'23.5"N 26°37'50.3"E

ORGANIZERS: SK LSF Pronoking Team and ESS Kalev.

COURSE SETTERS: Rünno Sulg and Lauri Tarlap